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Shanghai Unique Textile Co., Ltd

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We are specialied in functional and eco-friendly textile raw material and apparel.

1. CoolMax T-shirt,polo shirt, or similar,garments made out of Bamboo fibre fabric
2. Jackets,Dress,Skirt,Swimwear,cycling wear

Cotton fabric,synthetic fabric

Textile Raw Material
1. Cotton yarn
1.1 100% long-staple cotton, count: 40s---120s, single or fold
1.2 100% Upland cotton, count:40s---60s, single or fold
1.3 Open-end yarn, count: 6s, 7s, 10s, 12s,16s
1.4 Natural colored cotton yarn, count: 32s---60s
2. Top dyed spun yarn
The spun yarn is arranged in various colors. And this kind of yarn is quick in renovation. Count: 10s---80s
3. Series of Soybean protein yarn
Pure or mixed Soybean protein yarn, count: 10s---60s
4. Series of PLA/CORN yarn: Pure or mixed PLA/CORN yarn, count: 10s---60s(100%Polylactic Acid fiber yarn, Polylactic Acid blended yarn etc. )
5. Lycra stretch yarn
Produced according to Dupond standard, it is characterized by comfortable, stable and fashionable. Count: 20—70D,16s+70D, 40s+40D, 50s+40D, 60s+20D and so on.
6. Series of mixed Cashmere yarn: Count: 32s---60s
7. Series of Slub yarn: Count: 10s,16s,21s,32s,40s.
8. Series of Cellulose fibre yarn
8.1 Bamboo fibre: 100% Bamboo fibre, Bamboo/CM, Bamboo/Modal yarn, etc. count: 20s---80s
8.2 Modal: 100% Modal, CM/Modal yarn etc. count: 20s---80s
8.3 Tencel: 100% Tencel, CM/Tencel, Mercerized cotton/Tencel yarn, etc. count: 20s---80s
8.4 Lyocell: 100% Lyocell, CM/Lyocell yarn, etc. count: 32s---80s
8.5 Formotex: 100% Formotex, CM/Formotex yarn, etc. count:
9. Series of Hollow fiber yarn
9.1 Thermal fiber yarn
9.1.1 Warmmax: 100% warmmax or CM/Warmmax yarn, etc. count: 32s---80s
9.1.1 Thermolite: 100% Thermolite or CM/Thermolite yarn, etc. count: 32s---80s
9.2 Cool fibre yarn
9.2.1 Coolplus: 100% Coolplus or CM/Coolplus yarn, etc. count: 32s---80s
9.2.2 Coolmax: 100% Coolmax or CM/Coolmax yarn, etc. count: 32s---80s
10. Series of PVA(poly vinyl alcohol ) fiber yarn
10.1 60 centigrade dissolvable: 100% PVA 45S---60S
10.2 80 centigrade dissolvable: count: 100% PVA 45S. 60S. 70S. 80S
10.3 90 centigrade dissolvable: count: 100% PVA 45S. 60S. 70S. 80S
11. Water soluble vinylon 50s/1 to 80s/1 ( solubility at 90°)
12. T/C yarn
13. Low pilling polyester / acrylic fibre and yarn